We are extremely grateful for all of our fundraisers across Canada!

Your efforts make a significant contribution to the fight against prostate cancer.

Captain's Club Member Incentive

If you are a member of the Ride For Dad Captain's Club, (having raised $1,000 or more in pledges over the years), be sure to click on the BMW Motorrad "Learn More" button for some exciting Captain's Club member incentives.

What is the Captain’s Club?


The Captain’s Club recognizes fundraisers who have acquired $1,000 or more in pledges. Members of the Captain’s Club are either Riders and/or Champions .

Members of the Captain’s Club represent the very backbone of our fight against prostate cancer. THANK YOU!


Captain Club Member Levels

LevelPledge Range# of membersNew in 2023!
TRIPLE PLATINUM$500,000 and over  
DOUBLE PLATINUM$250,000-$499,999  
PLATINUM$100,000-$249,999112 new member
TRIPLE DIAMOND$50,000-$99,999293 new member
DOUBLE DIAMOND$25,000-$49,9996211 new members
DIAMOND$10,000-$24,99929319 new members
GOLD$5,000-$9,99957562 new members
SILVER$2,500-$4,999999100 new members
BRONZE$1,000-$2,4992682214 new members

Each participant’s funds are tracked year over year and from ride to ride .  As the totals accumulate and milestone levels are achieved, we ship out award packages of corresponding pins, patches and decals. The award levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, (3) levels of  Diamond and Platinum.


How do I join the Captain’s Club?

Once you reach a pledge of $1000, you will be added to the Captain’s Club. You will be issued a Captain’s Club number, which you can use whenever you are registering pledges. Keep it handy as it will be soon be your passport to special savings in our on-line store and access to a unique line of Captain’s Club items in our store.

If you have changed addresses since you registered for your event, please contact Byron at: byron@ridefordad.ca.

Captain’s Club 2022 Members

Below you can find separate lists of members for each division.

2023 Club Membership

Entire Club Membership (by level)

Entire Club Membership (Alphabetical)

Captain's Club Members that Participated in 2023

Note: if you do not want your name published, contact me and we will remove it.