Tina Gibson

Why We Ride

Every year thousands of Canadians from coast to coast to coast participate in the Ride For Dad's fight against prostate cancer. Participation takes many forms; volunteers, riders, donors, fundraisers, and sponsors. Everyone has a reason WHY they joined the fight...What's your WHY?

This section is dedicated to those special people who provided the motivation to become a Ride For Dad prostate cancer fighter. We invite you to share your story, post a tribute to your WHY.

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Tina Gibson


Tina G family shot

This is the who and the why that I volunteer Ottawa Motorcycle Ride For Dad - my Dad. He is a 5-year Prostate Cancer Survivor...

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Vince Streukens


I signed up as a volunteer with Saskatoon’s Ride for Dad, with little knowledge of the group or what prostate cancer was even about. It...

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