In Canada, Saskatchewan ranks second lowest in prostate cancer survival, compared to other provinces. According to a 2015 national report, Saskatchewan also had the second highest mortality rate for prostate cancer. This project explores possible reasons for the lower survival and higher mortality rates in Saskatchewan, when compared to other provinces. To explore possible reasons for these poor Saskatchewan rates, this project will study whether access to healthcare is affecting these SK prostate cancerrates. Using a previous Telus Motorcycle Ride for Dad grant, we found evidence suggesting that prostate cancer screening in Saskatchewan is identifying relatively few men whose prostate cancer is classified as a low GUROCrisk level. We also found evidence that the distance a patient has to travel to receive treatment impacts the patient’s treatment choice. The objectives of this project are to find possible explanations why prostate cancer screening in SK is not identifying patients with a low GUROCrisk level and to determine how where one lives is associated with his prostate cancer risk level. The results of this project can be used to inform policy interventions that improve patient care in terms of prostate cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment in Saskatchewan.